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Office Introduction

  1. In order to expedite policy implementation with management by objective approach, Taoyuan City Government led the nation in establishing a secondary agency, “Office of Coast Administration Construction”, under its existing Environmental Protection Agency.
  2. Founded on the 15th, March, 2018, and located in the No. 298, Zhonghua Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City (Taoyuan Aerotropolis Service Center) (old campus of Dayuan Junior High School).
  3. The area under its management is the coastal area west of Tai No.61 Western Coast Expressway, covering an area of 25,014 hectares.
  4. The Office of Coastal Management Engineering Office comprises of 42 staff members in total. It has four divisions of “Engineering Project Management Division”, “Facility Project Management Division”, “Coastal Project Engineering Division”, and Ecological Conservation Division, etc., in charge of handling coastal management matters with visions in creating natural-cultural ties for the general public, in conjunction of maintaining objectives in conservation of clean coast, resource conservation and rational utilization.

Office Executives

Office Executives


L.C. Lin
Director of the Office of Coast Administration Construction

Academic Qualifications:

Master of School of Environmental Engineering Technology, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Professional Experiences:

Director, Section of Environmental Inspection, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan City Government
Director, Section of Environmental Inspection, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Director, Section of General Planning, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Director, Section of Water Protection Division, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Section Manager, Waste Management Section, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Manager, Section of General Planning, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Senior Specialist and Specialist, Department of Environmental Protection, Taoyuan County Government
Taoyuan City Government Public Servant of 2014
Executive Yuan Public Servant of 2014
Taiyuan County Government Public Servant of 2004

Visions and Key Policies

  1. Protection of Vital Coastal Resources:
    Actively investigate and research, categorize and classify, and prioritize preservation and protection of vital coastal resources, while adopting a neo-natural approach to restore coastal vitality.
  2. Rational Utilization of Coastal Environment:
    Pay due respect to the carrying capacity of the ecological environment, while establishing an environmental impact assessment review mechanism to ensure rational utilization of coastal resources.
  3. Construction to improve the coastal environment:
    Fully incorporate professional opinions of experts and the public, broadly consider natural and cultural values by gradually improve the coastal environment with ecologically-sound methods.
  4. Development of Ecotourism Industry:
    Formulate the white paper on ecotourism, establish a rational business environment, and also take into account the needs of environmental protection, as well as develop the local ecotourism industry with sound market differentiation based on local specialty.
  5. Establishment of Coastal Information System:
    Establish a coastal environmental monitoring center to monitor and analyze various environmental impact factors over long period of time, while optimize early-warning pollution disaster response capabilities.
  6. Completion of Coastal Management System:
    Establish Coastal Management Committee to fully integrate the inputs of all parties on coastal management policy and major development plans.
  7. Strengthening of Marine Education and Training:
    Establish a marine ecological museum, popularize marine education, and adopt effective incentive programs to strengthen professional training in the field of marine protection.
  8. Reinforcement of Partnership with Public and Private Sectors:
    Establish a civic participation mechanism to encourage public involvement, and through industry, government and academic collaborations to build a coastal management partnership.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Scope of Works In Charge

  • Engineering Management Division:Engineering quality assurance supervision, project management and supervision, engineering quality technical management; coastal management policy, fund management, cultural asset preservation planning, coordination and implementation; coastal environmental information survey, monitoring, statistics and applications.
  • Facility Management Division:Planning, design, contracting, construction, supervision, management and maintenance of public and landscape facilities in coastal area, reconstruction work after disaster; land acquisition, purchase, property rights transfer, registration and management of lands for construction.
  • Coast Engineering Division:Planning, design, contracting, construction, supervision, management and maintenance of coastal protection, estuary management, maritime dredging, environmental protection facility construction, maintenance and post-disaster reconstruction; contingency planning, coordination and implementation of responses to marine oil spill incidents.
  • Ecology Conservation Division:Patrol over coastal biological habitats, biodiversity survey, conservation and publicity promotion, ecotourism development, environmental education personnel training, facility management, and coastal environment maintenance planning, coordination and implementation.
  • Secretariat Office:Paperwork, archives, seal safekeeping, cashiers, general affairs, procurement, property management, maintenance management of facilities, legal system, audit, and other matters that are not covered by other teams.
  • Accounting Office:Handling annual accounting matters according to relevant regulations while concurrently handling statistical works.
  • Personnel Office:Manage human resource work items, according to relevant regulations.

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Office of Coast Administration Construction,Taoyuan
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No.298, Zhonghua Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33749
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